NFL draft 2012: mock draft review

I didn’t do too badly with my first attempt at a mock draft, although quite obviously without inside knowledge it is always going to be difficult. Here is an analysis of my predictions.

#1 Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck, QB – Stanford

Everyone in the world knew this would happen.

#2 Washington Redskins – Robert Griffin III, QB – Baylor

Likewise, I stand by my statement that RG3 would be a number one pick in any other year.

#3 Cleveland Browns – Trent Richardson, RB – Alabama

OK so I called that the Vikings would trade. I did not expect the Browns to trade up one spot just to get Trent Richardson. So far though, he seems to be providing impetus in a poor Browns team.

#4 Minnesota Vikings (trade from 3 with St Louis Rams) – Matt Khalil, OT – USC

The Vikings still took Khalil as I expected, and traded out of the number three spot, as I anticipated. The swap was just with a different team and meant they traded less spots.

#5 Jacksonville Jaguars – Justin Blackmon, WR – Oklahoma State

I did not have the Jacksonville Jaguars trading up this far to get Justin Blackmon. Initially it made sense that they tried to get a weapon to help out Blaine Gabbert but his arrest before the season even started for a D.U.I probably made the organisation wonder if they made a mistake here.

#6 Dallas Cowboys – Morris Claiborne, CB – LSU

The Cowboys wanted him and traded up eight places to make it so, I figured he’d be gone by now. Claiborne was a top five talent.

#7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Mark Barron, SS – Alabama

I had the Bills trading up to get Barron, at this spot. So I was correct as to when he would go, just not to which team.

#8 Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill, QB – Texas A&M

The Dolphins want Tannehill; I don’t believe another team wants him enough to make the trade up to the 7th spot and leap-frog the Fins. The Dolphins take him here. – Bang on!

#9 Carolina Panthers – Luke Keuchly, ILB – Boston College

I believe the Chiefs wanted Keuchly. The Panthers evidently wanted him more. Keuchly is receiving glowing reports of late, so the Panthers hit on this one, without having to trade.

#10 Buffalo Bills – Stephon Gilmore, CB -South Carolina

Again I got the position right but not the team. I had him being taken as the second CB and at the tenth position. Correct x 2. Saw the Jags taking him though.

#11 Kansas City Chiefs – Dontari Poe, DT – Mephis

I just don’t understand this pick. No trade, a straight up selection of a player who looked a beast at the combine athletically, but who never really put together the game film in college. This is backed up by the fact that the Chiefs are the worst team in the league currently, even worse than the Jaguars. Surely a proven college player like Chandler Jones or Dont’a Hightower would have been a much better option.

#12 Philadelphia Eagles – Fletcher Cox, DT – Mississippi State

Cox is one of the most maneuverable tackles in the draft, he is raw but with talent and energy in abundance. – Again got the pick right for the position, wrong bird. Cox is an Eagle and not a Seahawk as predicted. I wonder if he’d prefer to be a Seahawk right now?

#13 Arizona Cardinals – Michael Floyd, WR – Notre Dame

Floyd  has hardly set the NFL alight this season, and his red flags for off the field issues have been highly evident again. That said he only went to picks higher than I expected.

#14 St Louis Rams – Michael Brockers, DT – LSU

I thought the Dallas Cowboys would pick Quinton Coples here, but they’d traded with the Rams to go up the board for Claiborne. The Rams pick up a talented defensive player here, and start what amounted to a good draft for them.

#15 Seattle Seahawks – Bruce Irvin, DE – West Virginia

I didn’t even see Irvin going in the first round. Epic fail here. Though the Seahawks have been pretty good this year and Irvin is a part of that. Good pick by the Seahawks.

#16 New York Jets – Quinton Coples, DE – North Carolina

Coples looks to be a good pick, I thought the Jets would go for Courtney Upshaw but I’m not surprised by this pick. In the AFC East, Tom Brady is top dog at the QB position and the Jets will be looking to Coples to get to the quarterbacks.

#17 Cincinnati Bengals – Dre Kirkpatrick, CB – Alabama

Got this one spot on as the Bengals go for the Alabama Crimson Tide cornerback.

#18 San Diego Chargers – Melvin Ingram, DE – South Carolina

Ingram is quick and athletic, thought they would go for a tackle to help Philip Rivers, maybe they should have but Ingram is a good player.

#19 Chicago Bears – Shae McClellin, DE – Boise St.

I firmly believe (A) the Patriots wanted McClellin and (B) they weren’t willing to trade this high. McClellin is now starting to show why he was so highly regarded, on the Bears very good defense.

#20 Tennessee Titans –Kendal Wright, WR – Baylor

I firmly believe the diminutive Wright was needed by the Browns but they didn’t make a play to try to trade up, so RG3’s favourite college weapon headed to Tennessee, who wanted a target for Jake Locker.

#21 New England Patriots – Chandler Jones, DE – Syracuse

As stated in my mock draft, New England needed a pass rusher and Jones has potential to be a good NFL pass rusher. Jones is actually oing so well he could be on the shortlist for defensive rookie of the year. Many called the move to trade up very “un-belichick” but Bill likes what he sees in Jones.

#22 Cleveland Browns – Brandon Wheeden, QB – Oklahoma State

I did not see the Browns taking a 28 year old rookie QB in the first round. I and probably most others, though Wheeden would be the 37th overall pick, which Cleveland also held. I thought their first two picks would be RB Trent Richardson and then WR Kendall Wright.

#23 Detroit Lions – Riley Reiff, OT – Iowa

I thought Reiff would be off the board by now. I had the Lions taking Chandler Jones at 23. Of course Jones was gone by this point but other pass rush options were available, instead the Lions went for a tackle.

#24 Pittsburgh Steelers – David DeCastro, G – Stanford

DeCastro is big and the Steelers need to protect Big Ben. I thought they’d go for a tackle, but wasn’t expecting a talented guard like DeCastro to still be available. Fail for me, win for Pittsburgh.

#25 New England Patriots – Dont’a Hightower, ILB – Illinois

This could prove to be one of the best Patriots first round drafts in a long time. Again they trade up, again they get a talented player with no character issues and with a huge upside. The Broncos trade out of the first round with this swap.

#26 Houston Texans – Whitney Mercilus, DE, Illinois

I thought they’d go for a WR to complement Andre Johnson, instead they effectively replace Mario Williams on a very good defence and make the money they chose not to pay Williams look wise.

#27 Cincinnati Bengals – Kevin Zeitler, G – Wisconsin

The former Wisconsin Badger goes to the Bengals in a bid to protect Andy Dalton more.

#28 Green Bay Packers – Nick Perry, LB – USC

The Packers see Perry as a versatile option. I thought they would go for Michael Brockers but the Rams put paid to that.

#29  Minnesota Vikings – Harrison Smith, FS – Notre Dame

The Vikings trade back in to round one to get Smith and the Ravens trade down. I thought the Patriots liked Smith and maybe they did but they liked Jones and Hightower more.

#30 San Francisco 49ers – A.J. Jenkins, WR, Illinois

Quite frankly I did not expect this, at all. The 49ers are having a very good season though, so what do I know?

#31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Doug Martin, RB, Boise State

Again, I didn’t see the Buccs trading with Denver the pick they received from New England. Doug Martin though seems a much better pick at this point than…

#32 New York Giants –David Wilson, RB, Virginia Tech

Wilson fumbled in college, fumbled in his first game and is struggling to convince Tom Coughlin he is a viable ball carrier. I could be proved wrong down the line but I think there were much better options available. I had them taking Coby Fleener, but Jonathon Martin and Courtney Upshaw were both still available too.


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