Ravens @ Redskins: preview

Preview of Baltimore Ravens @ Washington Redskins

Hall of fame quarterback – RGIII, ok so he is not actually in Canton, just yet, but his cleats and shirt are, after he broke Cam Newton’s rushing yards record for a rookie quarterback: will be hoping to help the Redskins push for a playoff place this week.

It’s Joe Flacco’s turn on Sunday to try and do what Tony Romo and Eli Manning both failed to do recently, beat the Redskins.

Washington are on a three game winning streak, which has them back in the playoff hunt. A 6-6 record puts them just behind the New York Giants in the NFC East standings.

The Redskins have the number one rushing offense in terms of yardage this season and the Ravens defense has not been particularly great at stopping the run. Washington’s pass defence though, has been abysmal. The Redskins are 31st in the league with an average of 299 yards given up per game.

While the Ravens may only be 9th in terms of points scored and 19th in offensive yards per game Flacco still has enough ability to find holes in the Washington defense.

Despite the Redskins excellent run defence so far, Ray Rice will be looking to add to his eighth rushing touchdowns against Ryan Kerrigan and co.

Many people are talking about Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck as potential league MVP candidates, with Peyton Manning rightly viewed as the man to beat. If Griffin pulls off another offensive display to match some recent performances (the Giants game was not the best offensively, in fact the fumble to Josh Morgan was very lucky) and beats the Ravens, a playoff place and MVP will both be within reach.

Some have suggested that the Redskins offense with Griffin under centre is a gimmicky college offense. In fact the Redskins are running some twists on Shanahan’s offense, with Griffin controlling the opposition defenses with play action passes, option passes, bubble screens and out-and-out bombs. Oh and if they don’t work, he takes off on the run. Baltimore will have a job trying to contain RGIII.

The Ravens defense has suffered this season with the injuries to both Ed Reed and Terrell Suggs. Safety, Reed has a lingering shoulder problem and though he was limited in practice this week, CBSSports.com has him as a probable for the game, John Harbaugh may feel the form of Pierre Garçon warrants Reed’s inclusion.

Linebacker, Suggs is probably not going to play though yahoosports.com say he is questionable and will be a “game-time” decision. Suggs is the kind of player the Ravens miss in defense this season. He brings a real steel to the team.

Injuries are likely to affect the Redskins this week too, though for once not at the wide receiver position, although Garçon has appeared on the injured list since week two. Garçon made eight receptions for 106 yards against the Giants last week.

Trent Williams and London Fletcher are both still struggling with the injuries that saw them limited in practice prior to the win against the Giants. DeAngelo Hall is also struggling to make the field on Sunday night.

One player who is fighting fight is Alfred Morris. Rookie running back Morris will be looking to build on his already superb debut season; by adding to his 1,106 yards and six rushing touchdowns.

The New York Giants did themselves no favours last week by giving away silly penalties. The Redskins need to be careful themelves this week as the Ravens will push them, they have to stay alert. As for fumbling, Griffin is the one worry there, he needs to be more secure, last weeks fumble/touchdown pass could quite easily have been a pick-six.

Previously I had Eli Manning in my fantasy team against the Redskins, this time it is the Ravens D who potentially come under my fantasy voodoo.


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